The Company

Impulsa Capital is a financial advisor specialized in the private equity sector

Impulsa Capital is formed by a team of professionals with proven experience and knowledge in investment banking and private equity

We have a comprehensive knowledge of the sector and provide distinct, high-quality and customized services



Xavier Tintoré

Xavier Tintoré

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Irene Hernández

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Montse Sanjaume

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Shafik Morillas

What we do

  • Access to private equity

    Private equity is the financial instrument that is most suitable to the needs of medium-sized companies that are seeking to finance fast-paced growth. Accessing private equity is a highly technical process in which the needs of the business and the financial objectives of the investor need to be aligned.

    Impulsa Capital provides the following services:

    • Review of the company’s business plan
    • Advisory on the valuation of the company
    • Advisory on the quantification of the company’s capital needs
    • Preparation of the transaction documents (i.e. company's Information Memorandum)
    • Identification and contact with potential investors
    • Advisory on the negotiation process to raise the capital
  • Advisory on the private equity investment process

    Impulsa Capital advises institutional and family investors both in the search of opportunities and the execution of the investment.

    Impulsa Capital provides the following services:

    • Identification of the investment opportunities
    • Contact the identified target
    • Advisory on the valuation of the company
    • Advisory on the optimal capital structure
    • Advisory on the negotiation of the terms and conditions of the investment
  • Advisory on the private equity divestiture process

    Private equity, as a method to finance growth, has a temporary nature. From the moment of investment, various alternatives for divestiture are agreed upon, with time horizons that depend on the profile of the investor and/or on the growth profile of the company. As such, Impulsa Capital also offers advisory services for the divestiture of private equity, both to the company and the investor.

    Among divestiture alternatives, an IPO is sometimes considered. In these cases, the process requires extensive planning and preparation spanning a considerable period of time. Impulsa Capital provides complete advisory and preparation services for companies considering an eventual IPO as the method of divestiture.

  • Access to public markets

    As Nominated Advisor (“Asesor Registrado” in Spanish) for the Mercado Alternativo Bursátil (MAB), Impulsa Capital can assist companies that want to go public in that market, assisting and guiding the company in the following tasks:

    • Review and preparation of the company
    • Definition of the Equity Story
    • Training of the management team
    • Selection of the timing of the IPO
    • Selection of financial intermediaries and legal advisor

Why Impulsa

  • Knowledge and experience

    Impulsa Capital is formed by a team of professionals with extensive experience in investment banking, private equity and equity markets. Our close and continuous contact with investors gives us the capacity to anticipate market trends.

  • Quality, efficiency and custom-tailored service

    Impulsa Capital adapts itself to each client's unique situation and aims to maintain long-term relationships by offering timely and efficient. We commit our resources to a limited number of projects so that we can guarantee high value-added, quality service.

  • International experience

    Impulsa Capital’s team have broad international experience, as we have lived and worked both in London and New York. Additionally, we have executed numerous transactions involving an international player.

  • Confidentiality and discreetness

    We want to be the preferred advisor with whom our clients can discuss opinions, strategies, and assess projects' feasibility. Confidentiality, discreetness and the lack of conflict of interest form the basis on which we wish to build this type of relationship.

  • Independence

    The management team of Impulsa Capital is the sole owner of the company, and there is no financial or business tie to any third party. As a result of this independence, Impulsa Capital can provide recommendations that reflect, without limitations, our best professional opinion.

  • Creativity and imagination

    Impulsa Capital wishes to grow with its clients' successes. Each project represents an opportunity to prove our capacity and the value that we can add. We constantly look for innovative and creative solutions to our clients' specific situation and aim to be on the forefront of the Spanish private equity market.

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